January 2021 here we come!!!

Welcome to 2021 Body Evolution Studios style

In this Newsletter you will find the following:

  • January 2021 Zoom Room Schedule
  • January Unlimited Fitness Membership Sale
  • New Online Fitness Programming
  • New Online Evening Programming
  • New 28 Day Challenges

Here is our January 2021 Zoom Room Schedule!

Check it out! We have added 15 min and 30 min morning workouts Monday to Thursday as a part of our Fitness Programming.

How it works:

You can join any of the morning fitness classes by purchasing either the Monthly Unlimited Fitness Membership for $25.00 (January Special) or you can join for $5.00 per class or if you have regular classes on your account you can convert them into Zoom Room classes!!! (1 regular Studio class = 4 Zoom Room fitness classes)

We’ve also added evening programs for you to enjoy

How they work:

You can join any of the evening programs by purchasing per class for $7.00 a class, or purchasing the entire month for $25.00 per program or by converting your Studio classes into Zoom room classes (1 regular Studio class = 3 zoom program classes)

Can’t wait to see you all there!!! Classes start January 4th

Text (416) 890-4441 to book your spot


That’s right, for the entire month of January you can purchase our Monthly Unlimited Fitness Membership for only $25.00!!!!

That gives you access to over 45 workouts a month!!! All you have to do is choose your daily workout ( 15min, 30 min or 60 min ) text (416) 890-4441 to reserve your spot and log into our Zoom Room! Then get ready to get moving and sweat it out in the comfort of your living room!



New to our Fitness programming:


We have added this amazing 30 min class, Wednesday’s at 10:20 am with Riley!!! If you love to dance, and love to get your body moving to the music, this class is perfect for you! and it is included in our Monthly Unlimited Fitness Membership, or you can pay per class for only $5.00


For the month of January (or until restrictions are lifted) we bring you our Online Evening Programs:

Monday’s at 6pm we have Street Jazz with Riley

Tuesday’s at 6pm we have Yoga with Kally

Wednesday’s at 6pm we have Low Flow Floor Work with Kiersten

Thursday’s at 6pm we have Stripplastic with Alena

All of these classes are designed with you in mind! They are here to keep you moving and keep you dancing!!

You can purchase per class for $7.00 or purchase the entire month for $25.00 per program

All you have to do is text (416) 890-4441 to register


28 Day Challenges

Keeping us connected, moving and accountable!

28 Days to make it a habit

28 days of accountability

28 Days of working side by side with BES through each challenge

28 Days of cheering each other on

28 Days to make a change

28 days of feeling great

$5.00 per challenge or $20.00 for all 5 challenges.


You will receive a google tracking calendar to mark your progress and make notes, a post-able tracking calendar, access to our BES ‘Challenge Accepted’ Facebook Group, a community of fans here ready to cheer you on and help keep you focused and ……. a chance to win the monthly prize!!

And that’s it, that’s all for today’s Newsletter 🙂 Thank you for all of your continued support, and we can’t wait until we are all back in the studio together. We hope you enjoy these online programs in the meantime and please message anytime with any questions or just to chat 😉