Intro to Pole

4 Week program for all New Students

Intro to Exotic

As this is an Intro class, we will take our time, slow things down, and teach you all the basics you will need to create beautiful works of art.

Intermediate Spins

This is a Spin Pole Class designed to teach you how to turn your spins into holds, and how to showcase your holds on Spin.

Spin Combos

This class is for all levels; Beginner to Advanced.

Invert Prep

Invert Prep is a conditioning class dedicated to getting your muscles ready for all Invert entries.

Intro to Choreo

Intro to Choreo is our newest class and we couldn’t be more excited


In this class you will be expected to execute all of our Beginner Level Inverts without assistance or crash matt.

Mixed Combos

This open level class combines anything and everything to build combinations of movement that travel from floor to ceiling.


Welcome to Exotic, it is incredible, invigorating, and incredible.

Chair Dance

These classes focus on using your chair as a prop, while you learn sensual movements that are specifically designed for Chair Dancing and ones that show off your best assets.

Heels Choreo

This class is a fusion between Heels Dance and Pole Choreography, and it is the perfect pairing for any dancer looking to spice things up.

Private Pole Lesson

A Private lesson can be booked for a number of reasons and all students of all levels are encouraged to book one at some point in their training.

Open Pole Practice Hour

The studio is now offering open Pole!

Intro to Heels

Are you ready to step in to your beautiful first pair of Pole Heels, but aren’t 100% sure how to use them yet?

Climbs & Holds

This class focuses on 3 basic Pole climbs (basic, b-hook & forearm) as well as basic upright holds. As you begin to master each climb and your individual holds, we will begin to challenge you by creating beautiful combinations with your vertical travel.

Intro to Inverts

It’s time to get inverted. You are introduced to the love of being safely and confidently upside down.

Beginner Spins & Transitions

In this class you will learn how to link everything together

Spinning Holds & Combos

You’ll learn how to properly support your body on Spin Pole

Intermediate Choreography

Your instructor with teach you beautifully choreographed pieces each month