Beginner Spins & Transitions

Pre-requisites: Beginner Spins
It is recommend that for this class you bring / wear:
Socks, leggings, tank top, knee pads.HEELS OPTIONAL

In this class you will be introduced to spin / transition combinations, you will have touched on Transitions in your beginner spins classes, but now this is where we link them together. A transition is an artistic move performed with the pole and with your feet on the floor, that allows you to move between spins and tricks without stopping the flow of movement. In this class you will learn how to seamlessly move out of a spin and into a transition and back again, as well as put your beautiful combinations to music.

This is an exciting time in your pole dancing learnings, this is when you really begin to feel things come together. You will begin to recognize familiar terminology and begin to understand Pole language. This is a class that encourages you to practice and perfect the skills you have been developing and it is when you will be encouraged to let your own personal style begin to shine through.

In this class your instructor will show you the combination, breakdown each movement, and help you to put it all together with music. Each of your classes will consist of: a warm up, a series of drills, a review of each element in the combo, the combo on static and on spin pole, the combo set to music, a dance out and a cool down.