Intro to Exotic

You will require heel & knee pads and a sexy little attitude

In the class of intro pole exotic, we will setting up a defile on strips – special dance shoes with large heels and a platform. We will learn the technique of walking and moving around the pole, we will go through the basics of pole choreography. We will learn basic spins on the pole and all types of body waves as well as basic flor work.
Exotic dance heels and knee pads are required for this class.

This class is designed to be taught one month at a time, meaning you will have 4 full classes to learn and master each routine (pre-registration is required for all 4 classes). By your last class of the month you will know the routine by heart and will be excited to perform it with confidence and grace. With our Choreography programming, the more classes you take the faster you learn, the easier the classes become, so please be expected to be challenged in the beginning but do not give up!