Intro to Heels

It is recommended that you have some Pole experience Ie: Beginner spin, Beginner Spins & Transitions but it is not mandatory It is recommend that for this class you bring / wear: Pole Shorts, Sports Bra, Tank Top, Knee pads, Heels  

This Intro class is perfect for those ladies who are ready to strap on their first pair of heels or Pole Pleasers and see what they can do!  You will learn the basics of heels choreography and floor movement.  In this class your instructor will show you the combination, breakdown each movement, and help you to put it all together with music. Each of your classes will consist of: a warm up, a series of drills which ankle and pole conditioning, a review of each element in the combo, the combo on static and on spin pole, the combo set to music, a dance out and a cool down.