Intro to Inverts

Helpful classes: Strength Training
It is recommend that for this class you bring / wear:
Shorts & a sports bra

Do you want to see what life is like when things are really turned upside down? Well then It’s time to get inverted. In this beginner inverts class you will be introduced to the love of being safely and confidently upside down on the pole. We begin to develop skills that create a foundation which helps you build the strength and flexibility to gracefully hold inverted poses while utilizing three points of bodily contact. What you can expect in this class: A lot of support from your teacher and class mates, a jump outside of your comfort zone and a walk down memory lane to your childhood self playing on the monkey bars. Each of your classes will consist of: a warm up, a series of drills, review of basic inverts, breakdown of a new inverted trick, and a cool down.

Here is where we start prepping you for those inverted tricks on your wish list. As you scroll through your favourite Pole Dancing Idols on social media and begin saving pictures of all of your favourite moves, this is the class you need to develop the strength and skills to do those moves. In this class you will hear a lot of cheering, a lot of clapping, a lot of OMG OMG OMG, and you will be so proud of every bruise you walk away with. You instructor is here to support you (literally hold your body in the air for you) encourage you, and to help you sculpt your pole journey so please share your Pole Trick Wish List with them and watch yourself magically get closer and closer to checking each trick off your list.