Pre-requisites: Intro to Inverts It is recommend that for this class you bring / wear: Shorts & a sports bra *HEELS OPTIONAL*

Now that you have a strong basic invert, you are ready to move in this mixed level class for intermediate inverting pole dancers. Here is where we smooth out existing skills and begin to move in to different style of tricks for your level of experience. In this class you will be expected to execute all of our Beginner Level Inverts without assistance or crash matt. This class focuses on core strength and flexibility to help you confidently, safely and gracefully execute each tricks. As you continue to master each move you will be excited to get that money shot that is sure to amaze! Each of your classes will consist of: a warm up, a series of drills, review of previous inverted tricks, breakdown of a new inverted trick, and a cool down.

In this intermediate class you will begin to feel very strong and confident within your abilities, it is always magical to watch our students grow in their skills, but please always remember to ask for help when you need it and never attempt any tricks on your own that you aren’t confident in.