Spinning Holds & Combos

Pre-requisites: Beginner Spins, Climbs & Holds It is recommend that for this class you bring / wear: Shorts, Tank Top, Sports Bra *Heels Optional

This is a Spin Pole Class where you will also be introduced to Spin Combos, this is where we begin to transition from one spin into the next without placing our feet on the floor as well as incorporating our climbs and holds. Each class consists of a warm up, a series of drills, a new spin or spin combo, a review of previous spins, a dance out and a cool down.

When learning your spins, you will learn the foundations, the required muscle engagement and an understanding of multiple grips and holds. As you begin to advance you will naturally develop a better understanding of your body, and of your body in relation to physics 🙂 Your instructor is here to educate you in all of these areas, as well as support your journey, encourage your strengths and help you to develop your skills.