Jacqueline O’Toole

Founder & CEO

I have always loved to dance, and am fortunate to have come from a long family history of talented dancers. Recognizing my passion for dancing, my parents had me in ballet and jazz at The Peter Stanton School of Dance from a very young age. I continued my dance training into my late teens and in 2013 I discovered Pole Dancing and fell in love. I trained for a couple years before I was asked to become an instructor, which was something I had never really considered. After I taught my first class I had found my new passion!
I am passionate about teaching and coaching people on their fitness journeys! I love watching people gain confidence in themselves and realize their own incredible potential. I enjoy being there to help and guide my clients every step of the way. If someone is looking to lose 10 lbs, or training to compete at Nationals, and everywhere in between, their journey becomes my journey and we accomplish it together.

I completed my CPFA certification in 2015 and began judging at Nationals in 2019. I am passionate about this sport and love to stay on top of my own training and education regularly. I feel that there is never enough we can learn and I understand how important it is to stay up-to-date for my own teaching. As owner and director of Body Evolution Studios, I pride myself in employing some of the top Pole Dance instructors, who also believe in promoting a safe and professional environment.

I have always been a passionate person and over time my passion for dance and teaching has grown into a passion for health, fitness, wellness and people. When I decided to open the doors to Body Evolution Studios in July of 2015 it was really important to me to open a space where people feel safe, safe to learn, safe to express themselves and safe to grow as individuals. When we expanded and moved into our current location our studio really grew in to something so much more than just a fitness space, it is a place where people from all walks of life come and feel amazing; we learn, we laugh, we cry and most importantly we grow together and we support each other.

I have dedicated myself to Body Evolution Studios since 2015, and it is a lot of work, it is my blood, sweat and at time, tears. However, the students who walk through our doors, find a safe place to just be themselves for a couple hours, make it all worth it.

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