Lisa Zusko

Pole Dance Instructor

Meet Lisa, she is a 40 year old mother of three, full time professional and an absolutely fantastic Pole dance instructor here at Body Evolution Studios.

Lisa began Pole dancing in 2013 and fell in love with the art of Pole as well as the challenge that Pole dancing provides. She quickly excelled, showing up to every class ready and excited for more. She had always been looking for something more than the gym had to offer, she needed something unique and exciting, and a place where she could feel free to express her creative side. And then she found Pole!

Lisa has been teaching at Body Evolution Studios since their opening in 2015 she is well known at the studio for her kind and patient teaching style. She has been a dedicated supporter of the studio not only as a teacher but as an amazing member of our studio family from day one. Over the years we have seen Lisa wearing many supportive hats including teacher’s assistant as well as working in our Christmas parades, organizing events and right down to helping us renovate our Main Street location.