Studio Rules

All participants must respect the space and each other. BES strives to be a positive, welcoming environment for students, staff, clients, and renters. Please do your part to make sure it stays that way! There will be no tolerance for fighting, bullying, theft, and vandalism.This is a no kill zone. If you wish to have a little critter removed, please ask Jacqueline.

Policies & Procedures

All classes must be paid in full prior to participation.All in attendance certify that they are in good physical condition and have no medical issues that would pose a risk to themselves or others. Participants are to ensure that all information in the Fitness Waiver is kept up-to-date. All attendees understand the inherent risk involved in the physical activity of dancing/fitness and therefore release BES and its teachers and staff from any liability in case of accident or injury.Do NOT consume alcohol or illicit drugs prior to attending class. BES staff members reserve the right to prohibit participation in any class if consumption is suspected.Please be on time. Latecomers will not be permitted 5 minutes after class starts.

For Yoga classes, start time is firm and no latecomers will be permitted. Late Cancels and “No Shows” will be charged at the drop-in rate, or will count against active passes.

Pole Classes: Please follow the rules of the studio and refrain from practicing pole tricks not sanctioned by the instructor. ie. No Inverts during dancing it out in a Spins or Transitions class. Monthly Unlimited students will now be charged $25.00 for all last minute cancellations within a 3 hour window. If you No-Show a class you will be charged $30.00. If a student cancels there spot within the 24hr period and they find someone to take their spot they will not lose their credit, it is up to the student not the instructor to find a replacement

The student who cancels their spot is still responsible for that spot, if you are canceling your spot and find a replacement you must text (416) 890-4441 to inform us of the changes. If you fail to do so you will be charged as a No Show for class

Classes will be canceled if there is 2 people or less on the attendance within 2 hours of the class start time.

Class Etiquette

Show up on time for warm up (If you are late be sure to jump in and catch up, not skip it). Do not wear outdoor shoes near the poles, please leave them at the doors.
Appropriate clothing: be mindful of clothing that can have lip and nip slips
Spotters: if you need one and instructor is busy just ask – we are all pole sisters – have no fear
Clean and sanitize all equipment you have used during your classes before leaving the studio: Poles, Yoga Mat’s, foam rollers etc.
Please do not talk while the instructor is talking.
Pole Classes: “No Lotion, No Potions, No Serums” and please, no jewelry.
Use the pole (that’s what you are there for) if you are taking a break during class please move to the side to avoid being in the way of others
Everyone is encouraged to film themselves during class, it is a very important part of your learning.

Phone Rules:
Please have your phone on silent during class. Do not take phone calls while in the studio; if you need to answer a call or make a phone please go outside. Please do not instruct your fellow students with current or new moves. This is an insurance violation and safety rule that everyone must abide by. Encourage and not criticize; Everyone should feel welcome and comfortable in the studio. Only positive words of encouragement are allowed so please be kind to others and yourself.

While it’s ok to point out things like a need to change a grip if you notice your pole sister working on a move, don’t make it a habit as it can come across negatively; The instructor will be aware and will make whatever corrections need to be made.

Pole selection: leave the pole by the front door for the taller students and one behind it for the shorter students; if you are sharing your pole, please choose the poles closest to the back door. Please exercise proper hygiene and wear deodorant to class, no stinky socks or shoes. Deodorant = Yes please, Perfume = No thank you, Body Spray = within reason.


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